See what Weight Loss Surgery can do for You!

Is your weight something you battle? Are you wanting to take control of your life? Listen to the amazing testimonial from someone who has been there! For more information on weight loss surgery, visit

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Losing Weight – You have Options!

We wanted to continue with part two of our Weight Loss Surgery blog series. If you missed PART 1 – no worries… just click here  to check it out!  Today we are focusing more about another form of weight loss surgery commonly referred to as the “sleeve” procedure. The surgery aids in weight loss and […]

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Tummy Time – A Worthy Workout for your Baby!

We are always looking for a way to better ourselves – whether that be the dieting, exercise or simply doing something you enjoy. Don’t forget your baby needs a workout too! An easy workout for your baby can come in the form of: Tummy Time! Tummy time includes any activity in which your baby is […]

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Learn to Live, Again!

Are you having trouble sticking with your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight?  Do you miss being active and enjoying time spent with friends and family? Forrest General Hospital is now offering weight loss surgery so you can get your life back! William Whitehead, M.D., and his team can help you take control of your […]

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