2012 We C.A.R.E Award Nominees

Congratulations to the outstanding employees nominated for the 2012 We C.A.R.E. Awards!


“We C.A.R.E.” is the philosophy of Forrest General and describes the very heartbeat of our character and our culture.

These employees have been recognized for going above and beyond in showing the We C.A.R.E. spirit throughout the year and are now in the running for one of four We C.A.R.E. Awards and the Employee of the Year Award.

We C.A.R.E. Award Nominees
Kim Sisson                      6TS- Neurosurgery Center
Rachel Jones                       2T- Telemetry
Nicole Rushing                    2T-Telemetry
Rochelle Franklin               Respiratory Therapy
Leah Noote                            Emergency Dept.
Shawn Taylor                        Emergency Dept.
Brandi Hooker                      Emergency Dept.
Vickie Hanna                         FGH OnCall
Claire Cottrell                        FGH OnCall
Liz Boler                                   Hospice
Meg Paul                                   Hospice
Ken Roberts                            Hospice
Shureeder Johnson              Home Care
Heather Williamson              Home Care
Amy Broome                           Home Care
Chris Smith                               Home Care
Cerena Johnson-Smith        Registration Call Center
David Sarton                            Registration
Amber Chancellor                   Education
Earnestine Taylor                    Education
Vance Green                            Information Services
Steve Britt                                LiveWell
Samuel Rosa                            Pine Grove
Hope Harper                            Labor & Delivery
Gloria Thompson                    Food & Nutrition
Judy Jackson                          3E Rehab
Vickie McGowan                    3E Rehab
Amanda Rawls                        3T
Rachel Spillman                      9T
Kenitra Wallace                       3A
Sheila Geiger                            4A
Vanessa Hartfield                   Hospice
Jessica Sampson                    CCU
Steve Stanford                        CCU
Jessica Haden                         Cath Lab
Jimmy James                          Cath Lab
Milton Miskell                          9T- Respiratory Therapy
Geoffrey Burrell                      9T- Respiratory Therapy
Jackie Moore                          9T- Respiratory Therapy
Ana Mari Rivera                      HIM
Chrystal Smith                        HIM
Linda Howell                           Cardiopulmonary Rehab
Annette Gilmore                      Cardiopulmonary Rehab
Betty Williamson                     8T

For more information on our commitment to We C.A.R.E. visit our website. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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