Learn the facts during National Stroke Awareness Month

May is Stroke Awareness Month, and Forrest General Hospital wants everyone in the Pine Belt to know what to do if they suspect that someone is having a stroke.

To quickly check someone for signs of a stroke, remember the acronym FAST:

F- check the face for anything unusual like a droopy smile.

A- check arm movement.

S- check for slurred speech.

T- time is critical.

If you think someone may be experiencing a stroke, it is important to note the EXACT TIME you began to notice symptoms. Physicians could be able to use certain time-sensitive treatment options if they have a clear idea of when the patient began showing signs. It is also important to call 911 rather than driving your loved one to the hospital.

Essential care often begins in the ambulance where professionals can evaluate the needs of a patient and begin specialized treatment. Dialing 911 is the quickest way to get the right treatment to save a life or assure a recovery and may make a critical difference between recovery and lifelong disabilities.

For more information about stroke care at Forrest General Hospital, visit forrestgeneral.com/stroke.

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