A Month of Gratitude

Age-old wisdom has taught us that a grateful heart is the key to happiness. But did you know there is scientific proof that people who adopt an attitude of gratitude are not only happier, but are also healthier? Does this mean that you can give up on striving for a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising, and partnering with your healthcare provider to prevent disease? Of course not!

What it does mean is rejoicing in the small steps that you take each and every day will lead you to better health more swiftly than dwelling on what you did not do. Gratitude is a choice to focus on the good instead of the negative in our lives. How can you make a choice for better health?

Are you trying to get to or maintain a healthy weight?

Rather than focusing on your end goal, celebrate the healthy food choices you made today to nourish your body. Try our weight management tools in our online health library to get started!

Are you trying to stop smoking?

Rather than beating yourself up, feel good that you have talked to your healthcare provider or have a plan in place to help you quit. For planning tools, resources and support information, visit the Quitting Smoking section in our online health library.

Are you trying to make exercise part of your daily life?

Rather than stressing that you did not get to the gym today, pat yourself on the back for taking the stairs, cleaning your house, or anything that you did to move your body.

Are you recovering from an injury?

Rather than getting upset about everything you cannot do, rejoice in the little things that you can do today or the progress you have made over the past few days or weeks.

Are you on a mission for overall health and wellness?

Rather than worrying about unhealthy behaviors of the past, congratulate yourself on making a commitment for your future and make sure to engage your healthcare provider in making a plan tailored just for you.

Gratitude for YOU

As you reflect on the people and the abundance in your life with gratitude, put yourself on the list! People who invest in their health and live an active lifestyle learn to appreciate their health and see themselves in a more positive light

Health is Action! Make a choice for better health. If you have not been to your healthcare provider in the past year, call to schedule an appointment today. Be sure to share your overall health and wellness goals and make sure you are up-to-date on the screenings and immunizations that are right for you.

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