Teaming Up to Make a Difference: Pinebelt Wellness Council

Representatives from Forrest General Hospital, the City of Hattiesburg and other organizations across South Mississippi are teaming up to create healthier communities through the newly formed Pinebelt Wellness Council.

The council was created in 2011 with a vision of seeing citizens enjoy balanced nutrition, lead physically active lives and live in healthy communities. Members of the council aim to make that vision a reality by seeking out and strengthening partnerships that can help encourage regional residents to get on the road to a healthier future. With a membership list including university professors, city officials, school district nutrition experts and medical community leaders and physicians, the council has a far-reaching influence for change in the area.

The Pinebelt Wellness Council is made up of a wide variety of people who are united with one goal – creating a community that is known for being a healthy place to live, work and nurture families. By assembling a council of members with diverse skills and strong connections, we hope to accomplish that goal and make the Hub City a model of health for our state and region.

The council meets regularly to discuss opportunities to become involved and strengthen community-based health and wellness initiatives across the area. There are many great organizations that are already working toward a healthier community, and the council exists to collaborate and share expertise and resources of these programs and partnerships to make a unified, and therefore stronger, effort. One of the council’s goals is to prevent and reduce the level of obesity in the region through improved nutrition, physical activity and supportive environments.

Mississippi has historically been one of the lowest ranked states when it comes to health, particularly obesity. Through the council’s efforts, we hope to improve overall health and make our area a model for other areas across the state.

For more information on the Pinebelt Wellness Council, call 601-288-4324.

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